User Landscape

Why is this tool useful?

This tool is used to create an overview of users and define the attributes that may influence the users relationship with the problem.

Select an influencing attribute for the horizontal axis and place users horizontally in the map relating to high or low extremes of that attribute. Then, select another attribute for the vertical axis to see what relationship it may have to the first attribute. Alternatively, use the vertical axis to measure the main transformation you hope to see in your users in order to directly show the impact of your first attribute on your objective. Creating different landscapes will allow you to explore the influence of different attributes, which can help determine what attributes are of importance or which users to focus on.

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Live Services


Edit is an app that helps you fill your daily routine with more positive actions than smoking. It’s not about quitting cold turkey or feeling like a patient. It’s just about trying new things and seeing if they work for you and your lifestyle.

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Deliver Live Services

Unit 1: Developing services in-house.

Transforming the value propositions of the phase into live services to test their commercialisation in the market and their strategic value beyond monetisation.

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