Scenario Creation Toolkit

Why is this tool useful?

This tool helps structure and detail a narrative about your chosen scenario, considering the trends, contexts and implications to create plausible scenarios of the future.

Workshop tips How to run the workshop: Use the cards laid out as in the drivers of change categories and include a description of the significance; Be sure you have enough space; Use a timer to keep track of the time; Break the team up into two or three and rotate so a few people can see each group at once ad discuss in the allotted time; Spend about three hours and 15 minutes on each section with a break in between; Set aside a couple of minutes to get familiarised with the section, 8 minutes to review the signals and 5 minutes to discuss and add notes.

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Sidelined and connected communities

The elderly are sidelined but new tools could help connect them in communities and fight for a place in society.

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Phase 1: Envision Future Scenarios

The lab team mapped plausible future context & developed future personas to create full scenarios.

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