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For each scenario, brainstorm a question using the formula starting with “how might we.” These questions would make you consider how you could help young people feel more in control over their choices in the different contexts of identity, spirituality, work, body, relationships, and money.

This tool summarises the scenario and gives you space to respond to it with a reframed design challenge. Complete multiple quick versions of this tool and then refine it, or ideate design challenge questions straight onto your extreme scenarios (using post-its and then complete this once you’ve found the right challenge.

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Personal control

Devices quantify and measure all aspects of the people’s lives and body amplifying obsessive behaviours. People’s personal identity becomes more based on an idealised virtual version of oneself rather than your existing reality.

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Envision Future Scenarios

Unit 3: Developing scenarios and challenges

Envisioning scenarios considering different time horizons in the future and the needs of future users.

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