Collaborative Future Trends

Why is this tool useful?

This tool helps you collect ‘signals’ of the future. A ‘signal’ of the future is a specific innovation, event or disruption that has the potential to grow and expand its influence or it may simply be a clue that a trend is forming.

As you find these signals, detail them as instructed below to build your collaborative future trends toolkit. 1. Start by exploring future signals through online research, articles, books, podcasts, trends reports, and exhibitions; 2. Cluster material such as articles and reports about similar innovations and disruptions together; 3. Starting from the field ‘Describe the signal’, fill out the signal tool by focusing on the relevance of what’s happening. A catchy title and images are key to convey the value of the disruption; 4. After you’ve created a lot of signals try to group them into ‘key influence clusters’ for the first synthesis of your research.

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Enhanced relationships

People may expand their freedoms to live how they like and subsequently have the types of relationships they like in a more transient but online world. New arrangements of relationship may be initiated, supported, or managed by AI and usher in even more radical concepts of relationships.

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Envision Future Scenarios

Unit 1: Defining the scope for the Exploration

Exploring the strategy of the organisation to define the scope of potential future contexts.

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