Present prototypes of future services


Reading the landscape

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Need Commoditisers

The commoditisation of our needs and values to incentivise behaviour change.


Ethics Providers

Platforms as facilitators and brokers of value judgements.


Relationship Facilitators

Creating and facilitating relationships through enhanced empathy and compatibility.



Optimising and Editing yourself and your life to meet your personal criteria for success.


Agency Enhancers

Developing a deeper AI driven understanding of yourself to influence your decisions and optimise for your happiness and prosperity.

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Live Services

Real, emergent services responsive to the future


Provocative future service concepts brought about by interactions between future people and their future contexts.

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Dimensions of change


Values and beliefs could be strained by a mixture of people’s environment and self-discovery.

Dimensions of change


Your relationship with your body may be pressurised but you could have more capacity than ever to control it.

Dimensions of change


Self Identity is challenged, open for exploration and the building of character.

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Let's find the place to think, the freedom to challenge and the capability to act on real change. Together.