Real emergent services responsive to the future

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Hold is an app that gives people the personal space to let out whatever is on their mind and relax knowing that it is stored safely. It helps people give structure to their internal dialogue making self reflection become more effective.



Edit is an app that helps you fill your daily routine with more positive actions than smoking. It’s not about quitting cold turkey or feeling like a patient, it’s just about trying new things and seeing if they work for you and your lifestyle.



Quirk is a personal finance app that helps young people learn about and manage their finances according to their personality and interests, so that they can ultimately make better financial decisions that align with their life goals.

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Explorations Section


Provocative future service concepts brought about by interactions between future people and their future contexts.

Propositions section


Present-day concepts of future services.

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Dimensions of change


Work becomes fluid, remote, unstable and performative The possibilities and challenges for working life continue to grow.

Dimensions of change


Your relationship with your body may be pressurised but you could have more capacity than ever to control it.

Dimensions of change


Self Identity is challenged, open for exploration and the building of character.

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