Values and beliefs could be strained by a mixture of people’s environment and self-discovery

The forces acting on ‘Spirituality’ in the future

Among the many forces influencing spirituality in the future we explore three areas.

There is the possibility that society and religious institutions could struggle to provide for people’s spiritual needs and in turn they may adopt new techniques to remain relevant or there may be a growth of new models of belief structures that fill their void. People may look to different contexts for tribes or value structures and their need for social belonging could influence belief structures.

Already emerging ‘bubbles’ of insulated and introspective belief systems could become more extreme, powerful and easy to control due to the technological and psychological power of the actors in these physical and increasingly digital spaces. As technology infiltrates more of people’s lives and the arsenal of tools that can be used to influence people becomes more and more sophisticated it could sway people’s perspective of right and wrong more and more and ultimately challenge people’s agency over their own beliefs.

Finally, people may fundamentally question what is worthy of their trust. Some may be increasingly aware of the potential for coercion, creating an increasingly impossible climate for trust that triggers disillusionment, the rejection of institutions, attempts of citizens to take back control, and potential cycles of populism.

With these potential forces acting on people’s spirituality, we explore three hypothetical scenarios: Pragmatic Collectives, Religious malleability and Scarce Authenticity.


Pragmatic collectives

Outright distrust in the ability of governments and large organisations to offer genuine solutions to pressing issues such as climate change, could cause a rejection of previous models of value and the adoption of mass individual action organised around new models of ethical priorities and infrastructures.

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Religious malleability

Religious structures could feel unstable in their ethical foundations as they shift in reaction to threats from the world. It may be difficult to find a community to put your faith into; for instance, because it may become difficult to distinguish between religious practice and an organisational/commercial service.

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Pocket Jesus

Pocket Jesus is an application that codifies the Christian faith and quantifies your religious practice. By codifying Christian practice and rules, it can correlate your practice with your life and happiness to bring your values more in line with your life.
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Scarce authenticity

Technologies that can alter core beliefs could be used to design lifestyles and characteristics to optimise wellbeing. Wellbeing could be co-opted to suit a corrupt agenda.

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Genuinee is an app that makes the ethics of everything transparent. By Codifying the product you want to buy, Genuinee recognises the level of ethics, authenticity and evil a product conceals.

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Ethos learns, tracks and guides people’s behaviours to help them live more in line with their values and beliefs.

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Ethics Providers

Platforms as facilitators and brokers of value judgements. It’s possible that in the future we could foresee an advancement of AI with the ability to codify and model the highly complex ethical parameters of everyday life.



Mobible is a chatbot that helps connect your faith with you, your life and your community based on church teachings and knowledge decoded from the scripture.

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