Excursions into future scenarios


What are explorations?

Explorations are the first major outcomes of the xploratory process. Each exploration produces service visions, which may emerge within the scenarios that we model, stimulating discussion around critical topics. 

The service visions are provocative and sometimes implausible services used to model a landscape of potential situations in the future; open conversation and explore new strategies; and, build the collective imagination of the future of happiness.

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Societal dimensions of change.

Each of the Future Scenarios and their Service Visions are organised in six categories. These categories represent our interpretation of different aspects of happiness within people’s lives: Identity, Spirituality, Body, Work, Relationships, and Money

They were created by grouping together themes that first arose in the trends that we predicted. Then, they were refined through our research with particular users who represented extreme circumstances associated with those trends.

These societal dimensions of happiness allow us to ensure that we are exploring scenarios, topics and the future needs of the people we envisage with enough investment in the right areas and with a large enough scope. Across these six themes, we look at how people may engage with their identity and their values and beliefs, how they may manage relationships, control their bodies and balance their work and education with their lives.

In each of these dimensions, you can explore multiple Future Scenarios and Service Visions that emerged from them as well as the discussion around the emergent topics.

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Pragmatic collectives

Distrust in the ability of governments and large organisations to offer genuine solutions to pressing issues may result in the adoption of individual action organised around new models of ethical priorities and infrastructures.

Choose a dimension to explore

These categories represent our interpretation of different aspects of happiness within people’s lives.

Dimensions of change


Your relationship with your body may be pressurised but you could have more capacity than ever to control it.

Dimensions of change


The meaning of money may change as it is tied to our emotions, our communities and our responsibilities in a world that may blame capitalism for inequality and climate change.

Dimensions of change


Technology expands the scope and meaning of what relationships are while disrupting some existing dynamics. Relationships may be initiated, supported, curated and managed through AI.

Dimensions of change


Work becomes fluid, remote, unstable and performative The possibilities and challenges for working life continue to grow.

Dimensions of change


Values and beliefs could be strained by a mixture of people’s environment and self-discovery.

Dimensions of change


Self Identity is challenged, open for exploration and the building of character.

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How do these explorations take place?

We begin by targeting particular areas for investigation based on the organisation and the context. We then explore Koa Health’s business strategy, conduct trend analysis and engage with extreme users to collect insights that inform the modelling of Future Scenarios. 

These future scenarios are composed of a future context that is based on the trend analysis and a concept of a future person who might have an extreme experience of a certain dimension of change. For these future people, we predict needs, desires and future pain points in relation to the future context and use this as a basis for the ideation of provocative service visions that solve some of the needs of the future person.

These explorations, which lead to service visions, are discussed to explore the strategic relevance of the emerging topics to Koa Health. They are also selected to continue based on the significance of their impact on the world (positive or negative), their plausibility and their appropriateness to the business strategy of the company. The selected concepts are adapted and developed in the next step of the process and the resultant ideas are collected in the next section, ‘Propositions’.

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Religious malleability

Religious structures could feel unstable in their ethical foundations as they shift in reaction to threats from the World. It may be difficult to find a community to put your faith into because it could become difficult to distinguish between religious practice and an organisational/commercial service.

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Sidelined and connected communities

The elderly are sidelined but new tools could help connect them in communities and fight for a place in society.


Enhanced relationships

People may expand their freedoms to live how they like and subsequently have the types of relationships they like in a more transient but online world. New arrangements of relationship may be initiated, supported, or managed by AI and usher in even more radical concepts of relationships.


Digital Childhoods

Children may spend more of their time in online environments that can transform their educational and creative experiences but equally have increased capacity to captivate and shape their world view in potentially problematic ways.

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